Deshedding Pet Grooming Glove

Deshedding Pet Grooming Glove

Deshedding Pet Grooming Glove

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Say Goodbye To Annoying Pet Hair!

Like never before, eliminate loose hair and shedding from around your home by simply petting your dog or cat. The pet brush glove uses silicone bristles that catch and trap hair to the glove for good, keeping it off your floors, couches, and clothing.


  • Save Time.ย Cut Your Deshedding Time In HALF!
  • Groom Hard To Reach Placesย Like Their Face, Tail or Legs
  • Keep Hair Off Your Clothes & Furniture
  • Pets LOVE the feeling:ย Therapeutic for your furry friend

With warmer weather coming, that means more shedding! Our furry friends start to shed their winter coat and shed more to cool down in the heat. This makes the Pet Brush Glove a must have this Spring and Summer season!

Easily remove the hair off the pet brush glove once you've finished by pulling from the palm and up to the fingers, this keeps excess hair in the garbage and off your clothes and furniture.ย 


Color: Blue, Pink
Size:ย 23cm x 17.5cm/Adjustable (One Size Fits All)
Material: Silicone/Plastic Mesh